Thanks so much for supporting the workshop!

You guys are really the ones that make this happen. Likes, retweets, and just straight up telling a friend or favorite DM about my work makes a huge difference. If you’d like to support in a monetary way, you can always purchase sets here, on Roll20’s marketplace, or on the DM’s Guild. I have heard the requests for a Patreon, and one may possibly be coming “soon”.

Commissions are currently closed.

If you’d like to hire me to make you the art you want, when you want it, please include your time frame, a description of the scope of the project, and any reference material you’d like me to use when you reach out.


Simple Tokens/Character Bust - $20/token
Extremely Complex Tokens - $40/token
(e.g. Swarms, hydras, stuff with 11 heads…etc)
Full body character illustration - $20
black and white
Full body character illustration - $50

Simple maps - $40-200
depending on size
Narrative Illustration - $50-500



Brass Badger Workshop

is based out of fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.